Mar 20

STI Introduces the DVC Carry Pistol


STI Introduces the DVC Carry Pistol

(1911Vault.com) – With the perfect combination of weight and function, the DVC Carry Pistol was designed with the experienced shooter in mind.

Featuring all of the most popular features of the DVC line, the DVC Carry Pistol has been modified to work perfectly in the concealed carry market. The grip has been stippled by Extreme Shooters for a sure hold in stressful situations. The grip has also been shortened to “VIP” length for easy concealability.  Even with the shorter, narrower 1.3” wide grip, the gun holds 15 rounds of 9mm ammo in the magazine. The DVC Carry Pistol has a black DLC coated frame and slide, and a copper colored barrel.

STI DVC Carry Pistol

STI DVC Carry Pistol

 The lightweight aluminum frame and slide lightening cuts take this gun down to an unloaded weight of 26 ounces for a more comfortable carry over long periods of time. The DVC Carry Pistol features a 3.9” barrel and comes with low profile Tritium sights with a ledge rear, allowing the pistol to be cocked with one hand. The pistol also comes supplied with an additional magazine that extends slightly below the bottom of the grip for an extra 17 rounds of firepower.

The DVC Carry Pistol sells for $2,999.

For more information, please visit www.stiguns.com or e-mail marketing@stiguns.com.

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