Jan 25

New Wilson Combat 1911 Handguns

Wilson Combat 1911 Handguns

Wilson Combat Releases Four New Handguns to Kickoff 2017

(1911Vault.com) – Wilson Combat has begun 2017 with a bang, by releasing four new handguns for 2017. The EDC 9 Professional, EDC 9 Compact, CQB Commander Compact, and Ultralight Carry Commander Compact are all new models for an exciting new year.

EDC 9 Series with Enhanced Reliability System

(Professional and Compact Size)

Enhanced for hard use and everyday concealed carry, the Wilson Combat EDC series is the latest in our evolution of the 9mm 1911 concealed carry pistol. The EDC series brings 9mm 1911 concealed carry handgun performance to new levels of reliability.

Wilson Combat EDC 9 Professional

Wilson Combat EDC 9 Professional

Based on customer feedback from building custom 1911’s in 9mm caliber for sport and defense we are pleased to announce these new models that incorporate Wilson Combat’s “Enhanced Reliability System” (ERS) to the 9mm 1911 platform.

The “ERS” includes: Robust spring-loaded external extractor that improves extraction in all conditions with all types of ammunition; A match grade, fluted 4″ barrel with single lug geometry to reduce cycling friction, enhance slide velocity, and improve feed reliability; Removal of the frame rails around the mag opening to further reduce friction and promote function in adverse shooting environments; A low mass, Tri-Top slide profile for reduced muzzle flip and enhanced cycling; And a user replaceable front sight and rugged new elevation adjustable Tactical Battlesight with click adjustments to easily adjust vertical point of impact.

Wilson Combat EDC 9 Compact

Wilson Combat EDC 9 Compact

These design modifications, combined with our latest generation of 9mm Elite Tactical magazines results in a 9mm everyday carry pistol with all the cosmetic and ergonomic benefits of the 1911 design with none of the historic reliability limitations.

CQB Commander Compact and Ultralight Carry Commander Compact

(9mm and .45 ACP)

The Commander Compact is the traditionalist’s ultimate concealed carry 1911 pistol. In years past, custom gunsmiths would swap the slide assemblies from two guns to create a custom 1911 like the Commander Compact-now Wilson Combat has done it for you. The reduced length Compact grip frame is easy to conceal and the 4.25″ barreled Commander sight radius will enhance your hit potential.

Wilson Combat CQB Commander Compact

Wilson Combat CQB Commander Compact

The Commander Compact is built by our skilled pistolsmiths in the same precise fashion as our other custom pistols on your choice of rugged steel or lightweight aluminum alloy frame. The Commander Compact is considered by some experts to be “the best of both worlds”.

Wilson Combat Ultralight Carry Commander Compact

Wilson Combat Ultralight Carry Commander Compact

Available with a carbon steel frame (CQB Commander Compact) and also our lightweight aluminum frame (Ultralight Carry Commander Compact).


Since 1977 Wilson Combat has been the leading innovator in high-performance, custom 1911 handguns, tactical long guns and accessories. A Wilson Combat product’s unmatched level of exceptional reliability and peerless craftsmanship is only equaled by our legendary customer service. Learn more about us at http://www.wilsoncombat.com